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Escape Room

Producer: Planet Texas 2050 with Texas Applied Arts

Role: Integrated System Designer, Interactive Systems Developer

Tools: Touchdesigner, Unreal Engine 4, Unity

More Info:

How will designing an escape room experience make Texas more resilient to increasingly severe weather changes? By connecting the research and data collected on our changing climate with an emerging emphasis on immersive experience in the arts, we hope to create a compelling call to action that permeates all disciplines. 

This project is our response to the grand challenge set forth by Planet Texas 2050. 

My role on this project involved integrating the various lighting, audio, and media into a single system that a single operator could use to control and monitor the escape room. Additionally, I created imagery of an intensifying tropical storm in Unreal Engine and developed a Mixed Reality Experience where users got to tangibly interact with weather monitoring buoy data. 

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