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Creek Monster

Texas Applied Arts

Role: System Designer, Pre-visualization, Micro-controller Programmer

Collaborators: Delena Bradley, Bill Rios, Khristián Méndez Aguirre, Karen Maness

Tools: Vectorworks, Unity, Arduino

Additional Information:

The Creek Monster Habitat honors the spirit and life of all creatures of the Creek. The habitat was a featured work at the Waterloo Greenway's  2019 Creek Show and visited by 60,000 visitors. Equal parts installation, soundscape, visual spectacle, and community engagement, our Habitat brings together theatrical, outdoor and performative elements. It is a space to meet the shy, bashful spirit Monster, the guardian of the creek. It is also a space to contemplate all of the life (animal, human, plant) that has touched the creek and the life that will follow.

I've been part of the creative design team working to tell the story of the creek monster since the summer of 2019. My contributions initially centered on surveying the installation site and creating a 3D pre-visualization of the space that we used to plan our design concepts. As the project has developed and moved to UT campus for Earth Day I've taken on a system design role and focused on developing low power interactive lighting systems that can convey the dynamic life of the Waller creek ecosystem. 

Creek Monster: Text
Creek Monster Habitat
Creek Eyes
Creek Monster: Video Player
Creek Monster: Pro Gallery
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