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Fusebox Mapping

Fusebox Festival 2020: Virtual Edition 

Role: Co-Media Designer, Content Creator, 360 Render Wrangler

Tools: Touchdesigner, Unity

Before the great lockdown of 2020, the front facade of Distribution Hall on East 4th street was intended to be the canvas for this site-based installation. We’ve moved our ideas entirely into the digital realm to share the journey into the multiverse with our now screen-bound audience. Liminality 0.1 explores the themes of multiverse and liminality. We are creating seven thematically interconnected visual worlds to lead the viewer into the heart of the multiverse. This new work will utilize conventional 3D projection mapping techniques, real-time generated media and filmmaking techniques to create a visually rich entrance experience.

Fusebox: Text
Liminality 360
liminality Disguise Render
fusebox 360 render
5 minutes of waiting
Fusebox: Video Player
Fusebox: Pro Gallery
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