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Fusebox 2022

Producer: Fusebox Festival
Role: Projection Designer
Tools: Touchdesigner, Unreal Engine

Fusebox Festival is an international performance festival that occurs in Austin Texas each year. The 2022 festival was a particular celebration because it was the first in-person festival following the pandemic. 

I was brought in to do the projection design for the hub space. That entailed creating custom visuals for the 3 nights of the festival for a series of artists each night. To achieve this goal I created a custom Touchdesigner playback system. I also created some scenes inside of Unreal Engine and streamed these into touch via NDI to create some more dynamic 3D visuals.

The projection surface was a large curved cyc wall. This created a projection mapping challenge, especially when using two short throw lenses! Using Touchdesigner and some custom tools everything got aligned and mapped correctly.

Fusebox: Text
Fusebox: Pro Gallery
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