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K ! :D D: Ö

Producer: Frank Wo/Men Collective

Role: Integrated Media Engineer

Tools: Touchdesigner, Adobe Suite


Stemmed from the seeds of our kiddo magic, there exist five rooms — each a unique home space that possesses its own sneaky sneaky bells and whistles. Five live kiddadult characters inhabit these personalized rooms, and the audience has the ability to observe them through 11 potential camera views with increasingly interactive rounds of influence. 

Amidst the weaving of the five’s kooky psychodynamic journeys, this pseudo-“Sims” live action experiment engages the audience with a User Interface hosted on our website, that— through a series of easter eggs or digital buttons — allows the users to modify the environments, play games with the characters, and even taste control.

K ! : D D: Ö: Text
K ! : D D: Ö: Video
K ! : D D: Ö: Pro Gallery
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