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Maybe Happy Ending

Alliance Theatre 2019-2020 Production
By Will Aronson and Hue Park
Directed by Michael Arden
Projection Designer: Sven Ortel
Contribution: Content Creation, Projection Assistant
Tools: Unity (Content Creation)

When two obsolete helper-bots discover each other in late 21st century Seoul, they have a surprising connection that challenges what they believe is possible for themselves, relationships, and love. Looking past our era of technology-driven isolation, this heartfelt love story celebrates a magical and bittersweet reawakening to the things that make us human.

I had the pleasure of working with Sven Ortel to bring the world of Maybe Happy Ending to life through the use of real-time rendering using the game engine Unity. This approach gave us high visual fidelity and quick iteration times, allowing us to precisely map scenic elements, and benefiting the production as a whole. I was responsible for all content created inside of Unity, including modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering. 

MHE: Text
MHE: Pro Gallery
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