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Producer: ARTECHOUSE NY and DC

Director: Sven Ortel

Role: System Engineer and Programmer

Tools: Touchdesigner


NHKS4220 Bar Illusion plays out the scene in “Nighthawks” as a living moment, both in the past and present. Visitors can stand at the central point of the installation and see their silhouette integrated into the artwork.

Utilizing innovative projection techniques to create a 3D hologram effect, NHKS4220 Bar Illusion brings Hopper’s depiction of a downtown bar scene to life at a time perhaps equally infused by existential fears as the early 1940s when the United States had just entered WWII, and a feeling of anxiety and concern about the future was pervasive.

NHKS4220: Text
NHKS4220: Video
NHKS4220: Pro Gallery
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