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(Re)Current Unrest

Producer: Texas Performing Arts

Director: Charles O. Anderson

Role: Projection Designer

Tools: Touchdesigner, Unity, Adobe Suite

More Info:

(Re)current Unrest is an evening-length immersive performance installation ‘ritual’ built on the sonic foundation of Steve Reich’s three earliest works: It’s Gonna Rain (parts 1 and 2), Come Out and Pendulum. This work, created over a two-year development period, utilizes movement, media and powerful imagery to meditate on the “American Dream” and Black nihilism, born of the current racially charged moment.

As the projection designer my role on this project was to immerse the audience in a visual atmosphere of unrest and change. A large part of this production involved making use of current and historical protest and racial injustice footage and mixing this together to create a compelling narrative. A custom playback solution was developed in Touchdesigner to allow for flexible and iterative mixing of visuals during rehearsal. Unity was utilized in pre-production to simulate projection and lighting looks.

(Re)Current Unrest: Text
(Re)Current Unrest: Pro Gallery
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