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Red Bull Motocross

Producer: Redbull
Director: The Experiential Co.
Role: Unity Developer
Tools: Unity, Google Firebase, Racebox

This was an R&D project for Redbull Straight Rhythm where the primary objectives were to:

Develop a method for accurately tracked positional data of a motorcycle path across a dirt track; and

Display that data in a real-time render engine for the purpose of broadcast display and analytics.

The Problem
The Red Bull Straight Rhythm race consists of two professional motorcycle riders simultaneously traversing a series of large and small dirt mounds over an 800M distance, at velocities around 18m/s (~40mph), for a total run duration of approx. 40-50 seconds. In this short timeframe, riders execute a variety of maneuvers that are difficult to analyze and compare using only video or photo recordings. To-date there has been no digitization of the 3D path each rider takes during the competition.

The Solution
Our theory was that smartphones and internet have improved enough in recent years that information from the onboard sensor array (IMU), combined with GPS data, compute power and 5G network technology, can record and relay rider paths accurate enough for meaningful data visualization, comparison and analytics.


I served as the lead Unity developer for this project. Creating both a mobile application for logging and streaming data to Good Firebase and a desktop application for replaying and live viewing of incoming data. Many challenges on this project from achieving accurate tracking, integration with external GPS devices (Racebox), alignment of 3D scans with GPS data, fusion of sensor data, and many others.

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